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Can give meals, clothing, access to the internet and laundry facilities
Can get important ID documents needed for licences, training and healthcare access
Can give opportunities like barista training, health and safety training and fee assistance when learning how to drive
Can get emergency accommodation for a young person with nowhere else to go

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Food in tough times

Your donation can provide nutritious food supplies to assist young people with improving their well-being

A place to rest and recoup

Your compassionate donation can help provide accommodation for a young person experiencing homelessness due to a crisis situation

Individualised help

Your generous donation can help provide support to a young person with complex needs ensuring a qualified youth worker is supporting them on their journey of self-improvement.

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Willow had already seen and experienced more than anyone should have. Willow’s mum was caught up in alcohol and drug use and couldn’t provide the parental support and guidance a young person like Willow needs. Willow had seen first-hand how alcohol and drug dependency can harm lives. She knew what it was to feel unsafe in her own home.
Eventually the home became unsafe for Willow and her younger sister. They ended up couch surfing between their older sisters’ houses with nowhere to live. Her future looked bleak.
Thankfully Willow’s older sisters introduced her to youth workers at Passages Youth Engagement Hubs.
The Passages team helped find accommodation for Willow and her sister and Vinnies stores were able to furnish their new home. The team also connected Willow with local education providers. Willow trained as a barista and joined a community program and learned how to drive. She passed her driving test with flying colours and now she has more employment opportunities options for the future.