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Can provide groceries to make into soup and sandwiches for distribution on one of our Food Vans
Can provide grocery or essential household items to help people in need this winter
Can help provide necessities such as food, medication or clothing to the homeless or those at risk of homelessness
Can help cover monthly utility bills to give someone peace of mind

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Your gift can transform the lives of Australians isolated by poverty

Financial help

When Australians need help with living expenses such as utility bills and prescriptions,

Vinnies helps ease some of the fear and uncertainty of living in poverty.

Housing support

288,000 people seek help from homelessness services every year.

Vinnies provides housing support to thousands of Australians every day.

Food assistance

When families need the basics to resolve dignity in times of need,

Vinnies provides food hampers and warm essentials to families struggling to make ends meet.

Help our Food Vans deliver food and friendship.

Every winter in towns and cities across Tasmania our team of dedicated volunteers brave the freezing cold to deliver hot soup, coffee and tea and nourishing meals to men, women and children sleeping rough. They might call a park bench or a sheltered doorway home but the hope and friendship delivered by one of the Society’s food vans can help them to make it through the night. The statistics are staggering. Last winter we served nearly 20,000 meals and too many cups of coffee and soup to count.

You can change the way poverty feels.

Last winter the St Vincent de Paul Society distributed over $150,000 from our Emergency Relief fund to help the underprivileged and the disadvantaged in our community. This money was used to keep the heating on, to purchase food so families could eat at least one satisfying meal a day and to ensure our food vans and dining programs continued to provide a valuable service. This year we have already seen a significant increase in the number of people in need of our support. We need your support because this winter will be different. This winter will be hard on many more Tasmanians, many of whom have never asked for assistance before. They will need all the support our community can give them.


This coming winter is going to be particularly long, cold and hard for the homeless and those at risk of homelessness because, apart from the cold they are hit especially hard by COVID-19. It is difficult to protect yourself from COVID-19 when you are homeless. People who are sleeping rough are more susceptible to respiratory conditions, they cannot wash their hands. If someone is sleeping rough or in a crowded night shelter it is impossible to self-isolate. Helping the homeless at this time of a health crisis is helping the whole community.

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