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Can provide blankets and warm clothing for someone experiencing homelessness.
Can help remove the threat of hunger for a family.
Can ensure that a family has a place to sleep.
Can help keep the roof over a family’s head.

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Don’t let a child like Olivia grow up without the safety of a home


Your donation can provide warm blankets, clothing, or a meal for someone experiencing homelessness

Food on the table

Your donation can help remove the threat of hunger for a family by providing them with groceries for the week.

A safe space to sleep

Your donation can ensure that a family facing homelessness has a safe place to sleep tonight.

"I ask my Dad every night, where am I going to sleep."

Australia is in the middle of a homelessness crisis. Each night, over 25,000 children are experiencing homelessness across the country. Their safety, their education, their emotional and physical health are all suffering. If we don’t help now, this moment of pain may turn into a lifetime of struggle.

By supporting our Vinnies volunteers, you will help ensure that families at risk of homelessness get the financial and emotional support they need to keep their children safe.

You can help end the pain of poverty.