Help provide food, clothing, living expenses and crisis support for
vulnerable people in Australia like Anna and her family.

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can help a family like Anna's with everyday essentials like clothing and school uniforms.
can help provide an emergency food hamper so children don't go hungry.
can help pay for a family's fuel and other utility bills so they can go to work and keep the lights on.
can help with vital living expenses like rent to keep a roof over a family's head.

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For Anna’s family, the festive season will be a time of uncertainty and anxiety. Because this year, Christmas is something Anna simply can’t afford. Not when she can’t even afford to put food on the table each day. Can you help?

Please donate now to provide much-needed relief with an emergency hamper. Help vulnerable people like Anna make it through this Christmas without going hungry.

Anna is raising two teenage children on her own. Like so many parents, she’s been hit hard by the worsening cost-of-living crisis. All year, she's been cutting back on household expenses and being careful with her money. But, with prices spiralling out of control, it's getting harder to provide everyday basics for her children. Like so many vulnerable people in Australia, she has nothing left to cut back on. As prices continue to soar, what more can they give up?

When Anna first reached out for support, she was really struggling. She was devastated by the loss of her mother and didn't know how she would cover the funeral costs. The cramped, two-bedroom house she shared with her children was falling to bits and Anna was sleeping on the couch. They urgently needed a new home, but a shortage of housing options meant Anna struggled to find something she could afford to suit her family's needs.

Anna was connected with a Vinnies team member, Grace, who assisted her with food so she could feed her children. Grace helped Anna pay an overdue electricity bill and made sure her son Jaden had the school uniform he needed. She even helped cover removal costs when Anna finally found a better home to suit her family’s needs.

Your gift today can help provide essential food, clothing, living expenses and crisis support that families like Anna’s, and many others, urgently need to survive this Christmas and beyond.

The problem

Over the last year, the cost-of-living crisis has become increasingly dire as prices continue to soar and inflation is at some of the highest levels we’ve seen since the early 1990’s*. It's hitting families and other vulnerable members of our community incredibly hard. Many are experiencing poverty and struggling to keep a roof over their heads. As the crisis deepens, so does their desperation.

More and more people are so desperate to survive, they just don’t have the resources to think about Christmas. How can they begin to dream of buying the little extras that make Christmas so special when they can’t even afford to pay the bills?

*Source ABS

How you can help

When a family like Anna’s is connected with Vinnies, our local volunteer members provide the immediate, emergency assistance they urgently need – from nutritious food to help feed their children, to everyday essentials such as clothes and school uniforms, and help with paying bills and rent so they can keep a roof over their heads.

They can also provide long-term support to families and many others who need to get back on track. That can mean covering essential healthcare expenses or providing much-needed, ongoing emotional support for people to recover from the trauma of poverty and homelessness.

Your compassion will give them hope that – whatever problems they face – they can build a better future.

Food for hungry children

Your donation can help provide food so a parent like Anna can feed her children this Christmas. It doesn’t have to be a big Christmas meal. Anna just wants to put food on the table.

Help with the essentials

Your donation can help give vulnerable people like Anna and her family the essentials they need to survive – from clothes and school uniforms to help keeping on top of fuel and utility bills.

Support with the home

Your donation can help cover a vulnerable family’s rent so they can keep a roof over their heads. With rents skyrocketing, your gift is needed to help protect vulnerable people from homelessness.

All donations $2 and above are tax deductible.

Donate Now

Your Impact

With more and more vulnerable people experiencing poverty and on the brink of homelessness this Christmas, we urgently need your help.

Your donation can help provide the emergency assistance families, and many others, desperately need to survive, and the long-term support they need to build better futures.

It can also help give a family like Anna's a Christmas food hamper so they can enjoy a special meal together and create precious memories.

“I know I will never have to reach rock-bottom again. I know I will never have to go hungry. I know Vinnies will be there for me.” – Anna

Your gift this Christmas can help provide desperately needed food, clothing, living expenses and crisis support – and long-term assistance to get through this ongoing cost-of-living crisis and build better futures.