Help families survive the
cost-of-living crisis
this Christmas

Please donate now so Vinnies can provide food, rent and relief from
bills to families facing cost-of-living pressures.

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can help provide food so families don’t go to bed hungry
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The cost-of-living increases are pushing tens of thousands of Aussie families over the edge, into poverty and risk of homelessness. They desperately need support to put food on the table, keep the lights on and keep a roof over their heads. Will you please help?

Donate now and you’ll give urgent relief to families like Kelly’s.

This year has been tough for Kelly’s family. No matter how hard they work, or however they cut back, they simply don’t have enough money to get by.

“When the electricity bill came in, I literally dropped to my knees. There was no way we could pay it.”

“It gives me so much anxiety. Every time they’re bigger. We don’t have that money. What are we supposed to do?” – Kelly

Every day, more families like Kelly’s are turning to Vinnies for help. They need support with food, bills, and basics like clothing and furniture. They’re desperate to keep their homes.

With so many vulnerable people in our community depending on Vinnies for support, can we count on your help?

Donate now and you’ll help provide the immediate and practical relief families need to survive this Christmas.

The problem

Tens of thousands of Aussie families are struggling to keep up with the skyrocketing prices of fuel, food, bills and rent.

The ABS has reported the cost-of-living over the last year has gone up 6.1%, while wage growth has only increased by 2.7%

Families like Kelly's are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis this Christmas. Without help, many are at risk of homelessness.

With your support, we can ensure more families have food and the relief from bills they need to survive this devastating crisis and stay in their homes.

How you can help

Your generosity can provide the relief struggling families need to get through Christmas,
and give them hope for a better future.

Food for families

Your donation can help provide food vouchers and hampers to families like Kelly’s, so they always have food on the table and their children don't go to bed hungry.

Relief from mounting bills

Donate now and you can help provide immediate financial relief so families can keep utilities on and afford fuel to go to work.

A roof over their heads

If they fall behind on rent, the risk of homelessness for families grows. Your donation can provide support with rent payments, so families like Kelly's can keep a roof over their heads.

Your Impact

Your donation this Christmas will help fund emergency cost-of-living support to ensure vulnerable Aussie families can pay their bills, keep food on their tables, and a roof over their heads.

With more families seeking assistance from Vinnies for the very first time, your help can ensure Vinnies has the resources to keep up with demand and support more families so they don't fall into homelessness.

"To have that relief meant everything! Thank you for helping families like mine, because without the support we've received I simply don't know what we'd do." - Kelly

Your gift today can help provide food, urgent relief from bills and rent assistance to ensure Aussie families don't fall into poverty and homelessness this Christmas