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Full of fresh and non-perishable food for someone who is hungry. It includes the basics that every person needs.
Contains non-perishable food items, a blanket and some basic toiletries for people who have no home.
Includes fresh food, food vouchers and other essential items that a family needs to survive.
Can help keep the wheels of a soup van running for one day

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Vinnies Soup Vans Deliver Food 7 Days a week

Most days, mother of four, Dina, struggles to feed her young family. She would visit the Vinnies Soup Vans to collect four sandwiches for school lunches and often skipped meals herself:

“I can’t keep up. I have little money left for food after I pay for the rent and electricity. That is why I get sandwiches from the soup van, it helps with the school lunches."

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number people coming to Vinnies desperate for a meal has risen by 25%. Today, Vinnies Soup Vans deliver food seven days a week:

"Since COVID it has been really difficult. I was scared too. If the soup vans didn’t come, I had no food for my children. I was so happy that the Vinnies volunteers gave me hampers with fresh food. I was able to cook for my children and it gave me great pride to be able to care and provide for them."

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