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Can help feed a family for a day if they are unable to access adequate food due to the crisis.
Can help keep the power on when a family cannot afford their bill because of job loss.
Can support someone who has adversely been impacted by the crisis.
Can keep a roof over a family’s head during times of crisis.

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Many Australians need your help today

Food in tough times

Your donation can provide money for groceries, reducing hunger and removing a major stress for families.

A place to rest and recover

Your donation enables us to help individuals and families find a safe place to sleep when they have nowhere else to go.

Clothing and essentials

Together we can provide basic essentials such as blankets, clothing and toiletries to resolve dignity in times of need.

The faces of those experiencing tough times are changing.

The Covid19 health crisis has seen many people lose vital income, it has closed businesses small and large, it has impacted people's physical and mental health, and has isolated many of us socially. With your generosity, Vinnies can provide a "hand-up" to South Australians who are facing crisis, poverty or extreme disadvantage right now.

The past few months have wreaked havoc on so many peoples’ lives.

Sandra and Steve turned to Vinnies for help after struggling with mounting debt, due to paying for Sandra’s parents’ funerals, Steve needing heart surgery and being unable to work, and the costs of his medication. Sandra is also the full time carer for one of their three children, who is living with multiple disabilities. The cost to replace a worn out fridge on top of all this debt nearly broke them - it was also when they turned to Vinnies for help!

With the help of a qualified Vinnies Financial Counsellor, and generous donations from the public, Vinnies was able to provide help with outstanding bills, food, and support to address their ongoing stress and debt. Sandra and Steve are now debt free and have a plan to move forward, with hope for a brighter future.

Please give today.