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Emma* and her girls were not safe at home

When Emma fled a violent home with her two girls, she had no money and nowhere to stay. For a while they bounced between refuges, cheap motels and the back seats of cars, desperate for anywhere that would provide a little shelter.

For a while, they were homeless.

In her time of greatest need, Vinnies supporters like you were there to provide the things Emma needed to put her life back together. Sometimes that was a simple box of groceries, so her children had something to eat.

Sometimes it was a helping hand to replace the things she lost in the floods.

And sometimes it was having someone friendly and empathetic to talk to.

Now with a secure roof over her head and a steady job, Emma is creating a better, more secure future for her family. Will you help other vulnerable women and children in desperate need?


Roger* was heartbroken to be apart from his kids

Devoted dad Roger was separated from his children for nearly seven years. He was desperate to have them come and live with him, but he knew that wasn’t going to be easy.

To reunite with his kids, Roger had to relocate from Ingham to Townsville and find a place to live. With the housing affordability crisis in full swing, he knew he would struggle to manage that on his own.

Thankfully, our volunteer member Roy – with support from kind-hearted people like you – was able to help Roger find a stable and affordable rental property.

Roger is loving having his kids around and sharing his love of fishing and cultural dancing with them. He’s also applying for a job so he can build a more secure future for his family. Will you help more struggling parents like Roger keep a roof over their heads, so they can keep their families together?

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 “Getting the house was just the start. I know bigger and better things can happen.” Roger

Barry finds purpose and joy in giving back

Barry first joined his local Vinnies conference on the Gold Coast seven years ago. Since then, he has offered kindness, empathy and a helping hand to countless vulnerable Queenslanders. With as many as 30 people reaching out to his Conference every week for support, he is never bored, but he loves every minute of the work.

Barry says helping a young mum who fled domestic violence with her five kids was his highlight of the past year. His Conference was able to provide the woman with food, hampers and vouchers as well as a kind and patient ear when she needed someone to talk to.

With the cost-of-living and housing affordability crises driving more and more people into desperate circumstances, Barry worries his fellow volunteer members will simply not have the capacity to provide support to everyone who needs it.

Will you donate today to make sure our volunteer members like Barry are always ready to provide a helping hand?

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Sarah* wanted her children to thrive at school

Sarah fled a violent home to keep her three children safe and give them a chance at a better future through education. She soon found herself struggling to cope with the rapidly rising cost of providing her family with the basics of survival like food, accommodation, and medicine. There was simply not enough money left to buy the school supplies her children needed.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Vinnies supporters like you, Sarah was able to access the funding she needed through the Children’s Education Fund to buy uniforms, books, and other essential items for her children, so they could get the best out of their time in the classroom. With the right resources and support, they’re now thriving at school.

But as the cost-of-living crisis continues to worsen, more and more children across Queensland risk missing out on the education and start in life they deserve.

Will you donate today to help give disadvantaged children the opportunity to reach their extraordinary potential at school?

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*Names and images have been changed for safety and privacy reasons. Thank you for understanding.

How Have Your Donations Helped This Year?

103,853 nights of accommodation provided

$2,539,820 has been distributed to 2022 flood affected Queenslanders*

Provided refuge and support to
352 women and children escaping domestic violence

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*Updated figure as at 11 August 2023

Thank you for providing comfort to vulnerable Queenslanders impacted by homelessness.

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