The drought has caused devastating loss for Kate.

After losing the lives of her mother and sister, her marriage and countless animals - Kate now faces the prospect of losing her livelihood. She can't afford to lose again.

Can you imagine the prospect of losing the life you always dreamed of? Kate can.

It’s the reality she and countless other drought-stricken farmers in Queensland are facing right now. Unless rain or urgent support comes quick, Kate will be forced make a heartbreaking decision to save her family from bankruptcy.

“I’ve never seen anything like this drought, to be perfectly honest. Without rain I’ll have to sell both my properties. It’s both physically and mentally draining getting up each day,” Kate, 59, told Vinnies.

Queensland farmer Kate is a battler, a fighter and an incredibly hard worker, but extreme drought and heartbreaking loss has changed her positive outlook, to one filled with grief and worry.

In the face of mounting, million dollar debt, Kate struggles daily to keep cattle alive on her property. With no significant rain on the horizon she fears giving up her home and the life she has known for almost 40 years.

“Without rain, I’ll have to sell both properties.” For Kate, selling doesn’t mean gain, but a huge financial and emotional loss.

How much longer can farmers like Kate last?

After 7 years of drought in her area, time is running out for Kate and her animals to survive.

Forecasters say ‘drought-breaking’ rain is months away (Mid-2020.)

Without your urgent support, it will be too late for farmers like Kate. Please donate today and ensure more farmers like Kate have a tomorrow to look forward to.

Kate has been through a lot in recent years, she and her husband of 40 years separated, leaving Kate with overwhelming debt and two drought-stricken properties to try and save.

“Why the drought is really biting hard for me at the moment is my personal circumstances.”

Kate told Vinnies that just in the past two months she’s devastatingly lost two of the women she turned to most - her mum and her sister. Kate’s daughter is now all she has left for companionship.

“I have had a really bad run of things but that’s life, my main priority each day is to keep food and water up to the cattle I have left,” she says.

Drought is both physically and mentally draining.

The suicide rate in regional farming areas is double that of metropolitan areas.

Some regions have reported a 15% increase in suicide during drought years.

Kate says her local Vinnies volunteers have been and still are a constant source of emotional support and were always looking out for her and others.

“I’ve been in the habit of cancelling doctor’s appointments in Brisbane for my medical conditions because I just couldn’t afford to go. But Robyn from my local Vinnies put a stop to that,” she says.

“She said to me, 'you should’ve approached Vinnies, Vinnies can help with those sorts of things'. It’s good to know they are there to help.”

Will you help put more volunteers in drought stricken communities?

Farmers like Kate need emotional support and companionship more than ever. Your donation can ensure Kate and other farmers are not alone in their time of desperation and need.

Kate says the help of her daughter and the support of Vinnies has given her strength at her weakest moments.

“I had some bills in town that I just couldn’t pay, I put dockets into Vinnies, and they paid some of them for me, that was fantastic,” she says.

Kate ended up getting $7000 towards her mounting and overdue bills from Vinnies, support she described as a “weight off her shoulders.”

Kate says knowing Vinnies were there to help, whether she decides to fight on until the rain falls, or whether she decides to sell up, was so comforting.

Extreme drought is devastating the lives of thousands more farmers like Kate.

Will you help Kate and other farmers around the state survive this crisis? Your donation could be the difference between survival, and further devastation and loss for your fellow Queenslanders.

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