Living in poverty means Sam may not have enough to eat this Christmas.

“Some days we didn't have enough to eat... Mum would push food from her plate onto mine. Sometimes she just had a glass of water for dinner,” Sam told Vinnies.

The first time Laura skipped a meal, she told Sam she wasn’t hungry. But he knew it wasn’t true. Sam knew his mum was going without, and it weighed on him.

“For a couple of years, I haven't been able to buy Christmas presents for Sam... to be honest, it hurts. I don't care about myself, I want my Sam to be happy. But right now I can't even give him enough to eat,” Laura, mother of 11 year old Sam confessed to Vinnies.

Unfortunately, Sam's story isn't unique. We are in the midst of a hunger crisis with one in five Australian chlidren going hungry this Christmas. Please donate to Vinnies today and help ensure QLD children get the food they need to grow and thrive. 

It is unfair and shameful that Sam has had to experience years of hunger. For Sam, his hunger at school led to isolation from his classmates – and made him feel like an outsider. Sam said he used to stay in the classroom during recess to preserve his energy.

“I would sit inside while everyone else was playing and pretend to read. I just didn’t have the energy to run around outside.”

Not getting enough to eat affects all aspects of Sam’s life. Hunger impacts a child’s ability to concentrate, and their energy level – making them fall behind at school and even causing lasting damage to their health.

By donating today, you will be providing a much-needed reprieve from hunger and anxiety for kids like Sam.

Listen to Sam talk about their story below.

One in five

Australian chlidren won't have enough to eat this Christmas

For too many disadvantaged Queensland families, Christmas promises nothing but the pain of poverty and hardship of hunger. Your help can put food on their table at Christmas so people like Laura and Sam don’t have to go without.

Will you help save Christmas for children like Sam and give a generous donation today?

By donating today, you’ll be ensuring that Vinnies is there to provide food hampers and gifts to struggling families this Christmas.

Delivering food hampers not only provides emergency relief, it allows us to open a door into a family’s life, to conversation and emotional support, to find ways to intervene and prevent the poverty cycle spiralling out of control.

No Australian chlid should have to go hungry this Christmas.

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