Heidi was heavily
pregnant and
living in a tent.

After losing their home, Heidi and her partner Nikolas had to resort to staying with family and friends for a time, then suddenly it was no longer an option. They had nowhere to go.

"We had been couch-surfing for as long as we could before that was just no longer an option. When we moved into the tent it was terrifying, but what else could we do?" - Heidi

It was a terrifying time. And, sadly, they’re not alone.

This Christmas, many families are struggling. Since the pandemic began, many have lost work, and now as the bills continue to mount, they worry about losing their homes, too.

In fact, 1 in 8 Australians are living in poverty - as are 1 in 6 children.

Will you please donate this Christmas, so more families get the practical and emotional support they need to have hope for the future?

Every baby should be born with hope for the future. With more and more families turning to Vinnies this Christmas, in need of assistance, your support is urgent.

"When the woman came out of the tent and we saw she was pregnant, I thought ‘We’re not leaving her here. We’ve got to do something’."  - John, Vinnies Volunteer.

Thanks to two Vinnies Volunteers, Heidi and her partner, Nikolas, were able to find a safe place to live. They’ve since welcomed their beautiful son Jake into the world.

Nikolas has found work, and together they now have hope for their family’s future.

Your support is incredibly powerful, and with more families like Heidi and Nikolas' struggling in the wake of the pandemic, it’s never been needed more.

"We’re very grateful to Vinnies. Without them, Jake could have been born in a tent." - Heidi

Your kindness can be the turning point, as it was for Heidi and Nikolas.

By helping struggling families meet the cost of food, living expenses and other essentials, or find a safe place to call their home, you can help them through times of crisis.

Will you help Australian families like Heidi and Nikolas' with a donation this Christmas?

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