The wrong clothes, no books, no excursions or sports teams.

Shame, guilt, bullying and isolation. The tragic consequences Queensland children suffer when their parents struggle to meet ever-growing education costs.

For Anna, the stress of getting her five children back into the classroom is an annual financial battle.

“School fees are a struggle... and it gets more expensive each year,” Anna told us.

Anna’s children, Brendan 16, Ciara 14, Danny 10, Liam, seven and little Harper, almost two, all love to learn.

Their mum is determined that every one of them will finish grade 12 because she never had that chance.

A mechanic, a midwife, a sports hero, an artist and a happy little toddler, these are the aspirations Anna’s children can pursue thanks to the generosity of people like you who helped contribute to the essential books, uniforms, stationery and sports equipment kids need to stay in school this year. And Anna has a wall in her home reserved for the day she has five proud formal graduation photos to hang.

Anna wants her kids to get the best start to life. But back to school costs are a massive burden for Anna and for a growing number of Queensland families.

It costs an average $522 to get any one child through the door of a Queensland classroom.

You have the power to support Anna’s children to graduate high school and get the best start to life. Your donation to the Vinnies Back to School and Study Fund will help disadvantaged Queenslanders secure their education and their future.

Anna says she - and more importantly her children - could not have got through the costly month of January school preparation on their own.

"If it wasn't for Vinnies, the children would have to go without... they'd have to use their old uniforms which would look really awful. They wouldn't have everything they needed to start back. It would affect their learning if they don't have their text books. And it can really make them feel really left out."

Tragically, too many children whose families struggle suffer bullying, isolation, lower academic scores and higher drop-out rates.

Anna refuses to have that happen.

She's studying to become a community support worker in aged-care and she's determined every one of her children will become contributing, happy members of the community.

Anna gives back - she does extensive volunteer work and maintains her connections with Vinnies. She's proud of her budgeting skills but the reality of life is that one unexpected bill can leave any family struggling for food or the money to pay for rent or electricity.

Your donation today will help mums like Anna cope with the unexpected, keep her kids in school and give the next generation the best start in life.

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