This year’s Anti-Poverty Week is perhaps the most important in Australia’s recent history.

The combined cuts to the Corona Virus Supplement payments and the end of the rental eviction moratorium are set to deal a double blow to struggling families.

Close to 1 million jobs lost, 100,000 people expected to default on their mortgages, and an economy retracting at the fastest rate since WWII…

Too many Australians will need to adjust to a reality of being unable to make a living, put food on the table, clear mounting debts or keep a roof over their children’s heads. Each day below the poverty line brings them closer to the brink.

Will these mothers, fathers, children and Australia’s future be filled with goodness? Or the pain of inter-generational poverty for thousands of families?


Your gift will provide holistic support, part of Vinnies’ long-term plan that will keep more families out of hardship.

This is a plan that you can be a part of. Your support will:

  1. Deliver precious food and essentials to the doors of families struggling to cope with the pressure of juggling food, housing and financial security.
  2. Safeguard the good health of families: by providing counselling, companionship and assisting with the costs of medications.
  3. Ensure families have safe place to sleep by providing housing solutions and rental and mortgage relief to prevent the risk of evictions and a fall into homelessness.

Anti-Poverty Week is a time to take action to lift our fellow Australians out of an oppressive cycle.

Because it’s not their lifestyle choices, not errors in judgement.  Covid-19 stole their livelihood and left no jobs for them to apply. And now the reduction in the unemployment payments is creating a catastrophic outcome.

The impact of poverty is something our volunteers, Vincentians (volunteer members) and staff on the front line of this crisis understand all too well.

Poverty is pressure. Pressure that forces good Australians to make tough decisions which hold consequences for their rest of their lives.

Intervention and support at the right time can save families from spiralling into the poverty cycle.

Will you pledge your commitment until our economy recovers and new jobs are created? Until then, your generous gift may be the only thing protecting the futures of the fathers, mothers and children who, right now, are living without hope.

Together, we can ensure our future is one of hope, dignity and a fair go, with families given every opportunity to give their children a better life. 


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Provide food hampers to mum and dads in need, taking away the stress of how they will feed their children this week and the next.
Supply medicine for vulnerable people, so no one misses out on vital treatment which could have life-long consequences.
Pay for essential household expenses today, so the rent, mortgage and bills don’t accrue to an insurmountable debt later.

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