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Can provide food assistance for individuals and families affected by the drought.
Can help with bills and unexpected expenses for families affected by the drought.
Can help organise community outreach events to help look after the mental and physical health of those in the community who are affected by the drought.
Can help with supporting with feed and water for livestock for rural properties affected by the drought.

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Many Australians need your help today

Food in tough times

Your donation can provide money for groceries, reducing hunger and removing a major stress for families.

A place to rest and recoup

Your donation enables us to help individuals and families find a safe place to sleep when they have nowhere else to go.

Clothing and essentials

Together we can provide basic essentials such as blankets, clothing and toiletries to resolve dignity in times of need.

The difficulties and hardships for farmers and their livestock caused by this drought will have ongoing ramifications for the affected communities.

Vinnies is helping to keep the hard-working farmers afloat as they care for their land, their livestock and crops, and most importantly their families, with financial aid and emotional support.

Please give today!