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Every little bit helps to lighten the load for someone impacted by COVID-19

During times of uncertainty and crisis, people come together to support one another. COVID-19 is a new test of our collective strength. As businesses are closing, unemployment is spiking, mental health is suffering and physical health risks are rising, Australians are turning to others for much needed support.

This pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for Vinnies services, which is becoming more urgent by the day as this crisis continues to evolve.

We are seeing people who have lost their jobs and never been unemployed before, and families without any food left in the pantry or spare savings to pay the bills. So many people and families in our community simply don't have a buffer in their household budget to deal with the economic shock we’re now going through.

We are seeing more and more people in need every day. People just like you, just like all of us. People who never thought they’d need to ask for help.

And for those already unemployed or doing it tough before this crisis hit, circumstances are even worse. People who already lacked a safety net are now more vulnerable and isolated than ever.

A small act of kindness can make a BIG difference to those that need it most right now.

Your kindness can bring back hope for a person or family left desperate to the pandemic.

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Can deliver an everyday essentials care pack to families and individuals in need during the pandemic.
Can enable us to safely drop-off shop and petrol vouchers to those struggling to make ends meet.
Can provide a nutritious food essentials pack to help fill up the pantry and put food on the table.
Can help families pay their bills so they don’t have to choose between food or keeping the lights on this winter.
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