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Can help feed a family for a day if they are unable to access adequate food due to the crisis
Can help keep the power on when a family cannot afford their bill because of job loss
Can support someone who has been adversely impacted by the current crisis
Can keep a roof over a family’s head during times of crisis

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People in NSW like Michelle and Mark are facing an uncertain future.

Food in tough times

Your donation can provide money for groceries, reducing hunger and removing a major stress for families.

A place to rest and recoup

Your donation enables us to help individuals and families find a safe place to sleep when they have nowhere else to go.

Clothing and essentials

Together we can provide basic essentials such as blankets, clothing and toiletries to resolve dignity in times of need.

“With a baby on the way, being a nurse in a hospital right now is really scary – but I had to keep working. I’m our family’s sole income earner.”

Like millions of Australians, Michelle's husband Mark lost his job when the country went into lockdown earlier this year. With a toddler at home and Michelle expecting her second child they struggled to stay afloat on just her income. Thankfully she reached out to Vinnies for assistance.

“I’m so appreciative of what we’ve been given. It’s been amazing. We’re just so thrilled that a place like Vinnies can offer so much support to a family.”

Will you help men, women and children in NSW like Michelle and Mark with a donation today?